Ghaid Saadaldin: Bridging Two Worlds

Ghaid Saadaldin: Bridging Two Worlds

What is your official job description at NBS?

I support many of NBS's digital communication activities, particularly the technical aspects. You can find me scoping and implementing new communications tools, thinking of new collaboration initiatives and running communications campaigns to increase content reach and impact.

What are you personally trying to achieve at NBS? Or, why did you decide to work at NBS?

As I’m currently completing a Software Engineering degree at Western and being immersed in the tech industry, I see every day how fast we are moving. I also see how a lot of people are so focused on keeping up the momentum we are building and maintaining our speed that sometimes we forget the destination. Being surrounded by so many people who have dedicated their career to sustainability at NBS is really helping me shape my vision of how we can keep advancing the tech industry to serve the public while always keeping sustainability and good practices in mind.

How did you become interested in this area (e.g., business sustainability)?

I became interested in sustainability after being more exposed to the topic of overconsumption. As I began to realize that the planet’s resources will not be able to keep up with our living habits, I started to look more into the problem and the solutions offered. I also realized that the effort to adopt conscious and educated practices should be embedded in business and corporate disciplines just as they should be adopted by individuals. I believe that many corporate decision makers would make the right choices if they were educated correctly and if they knew what the benefits are to adopting sustainable practices. That’s why NBS’s role is so important. Bridging the gap between the desire to improve and finding the right resources to be informed and move in the right direction is the first step in creating a sustainable future.

What are your interests outside work? 

I love reading (though guiltily enough I have not caught up on the latest works of my favorite authors in a while!). My favorite thing to do on a weekend is either be immersed in a thick mystery novel or watch a documentary or a stand-up comedy with my sisters.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

The best advice I was given was actually by my younger sister! I had to make a tough call and I knew what I had to do, but I was a little bit hesitant. She told me “When you feel in your heart what the right thing is to do is, act on it quickly and on instinct before you let doubt get a hold on you. Don’t think about it too much, once you feel that it’s the right thing, just act.” This has helped me a lot as we all have decisions to make where the right thing isn’t always the easiest or most obvious choice. That’s why we have to act on that momentary drive of righteousness before cowardliness gets a hold of us. 

Who – past or present – would you like to invite to a dinner party?

I would pick Leonardo da Vinci. For a man who was a painter, engineer, musician, anatomist and geologist, among many things, I feel as though he had definitely been exposed to so much knowledge in his lifetime and that he would definitely have brilliant insights to share about any topic that I bring up. Also, I have always heard rumors about him teaching himself to write with both hands and training himself to only sleep a few hours a day so that he can increase his productiveness. I would love to know if that’s true and, if it is, maybe he can give me some exclusive time management tips!