Global Institute for Sustainability

Global Institute for Sustainability

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Global Institute for Sustainability

Mexico City, Mexico 

EGADE Business School
Tecnologico de Monterrey 


To generate the knowledge on how a global context of limited natural resources requires a change in the systems of production and consumption to allow a more efficient and sustainable use of such resources. To work with the private sector in raising awareness and in constructing corporate strategies which include sustainability as a key element of the business model. To develop trusting relations with the private sector and civil society in order to build collaborative networks that facilitate the introduction of public policies and programs designed to succeed in the necessary transition towards a green economy.

Main Activities 

Research: Green growth/green Economy, International Success Stories on Green Growth: Lessons Learned for Mexico (Renewable Energy, Green Agriculture, Climate Change and Green Industry); Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises and Greening the Supply Chain; Renewable Energy and Climate Change: Challenges and Opportunities for Mexico

Outreach: Green Business: meetings and workshops, and annual Green Business Summit (over 120 speakers, mostly from the business sector and about 2,000 attendees); the Forum on Renewable Energies for Competitiveness in Mexico (a plural, multi-stakeholder forum to make policy recommendations); the Agreement for a Sustainable Mexico (over 50 business and business associations, interested in promoting sustainable corporate practices and projects to improve sustainability in Mexico); conferences and workshops on climate change and its implications for the private sector in Mexico.

Training: Online courses for SMEs on eco-efficiency practices to greening the supply-chain.

Organizational Structure

Staff of 12 (four teams of Research, Training, Administration & Communications), mostly M.A. graduates, plus a multi-disciplinary group of 12 researchers affiliated from different schools and campi within Tecnologico de Monterrey.



Isabel Studer, Ph.D
Founding Director