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Picture of GOLDEN


Milan, Italy

School of Management
Bocconi University


GOLDEN is developing knowledge and capacity necessary to accelerate the transformation of business to sustainable enterprise. That includes learning how to change the way individuals think and act; change the structures, strategies, processes and products of organizations; and change the systems that corporations are part of – markets, regulations and culture. This ambitious undertaking requires an unusual strategy: GOLDEN is an “experimental” and “engaged scholarship” initiative of a global network of academic researchers, working in partnership with business and other organizations.

Main Activities

GOLDEN is a research initiative with the following activities:

1. The Global Observatory
A global data-base describing the history of sustainability of companies across industries.

2. Case Histories
Data on companies’ pathways towards sustainability from various internal perspectives.

3. Multi-level Simulations
Computer models helping to understand systemic impacts of corporate strategies and policies.

4. Three synergistic Labs

Organizational Structure

GOLDEN is a network of academics, businesses and civil society organizations cooperating closely in identifying, co-designing and co-executing experimental research in companies and ecosystems. GOLDEN has cooperation agreements with research centers, companies and other institutions. Currently GOLDEN establishes its own foundation in Italy.


Frank Brueck
Managing Director