Golden for Sustainability Chapter Brazil

Picture of Golden for Sustainability Chapter Brazil

Golden for Sustainability Chapter Brazil

School of Business and Economics, University of Sao Paulo

Ribeirao Preto, Brazil


We started as a chapter of the international research group Golden for Sustainability. Today we have our own mission that is somehow integrated to Golden's mission. Our focus is to develop high quality research onidentifying, documenting and understanding the process of organizational sustainability. The mission is to improve knowledge on the sustainable development and the organizational sustainability - ecological integrity, economy vitality and social equity.  

Main Activities

Research, teaching.

Organizational Structure

We are a formal research group in our institution, we have a laboratory with more than 10 PhD students working together. We have 4 Brazilian professors from university of Sao Paulo that coordinate the group and we have one secretary. Our funding comes from research funding from national and international research projects. 


Lara Bartocci Liboni
Associate Professor