Guide: Collaborating with Competitors to Advance Sustainability

Guide: Collaborating with Competitors to Advance Sustainability

This guide enables managers to make the case for a competitor collaboration to colleagues or leaders, and determine satisfaction with current projects. 
NBS September 1, 2016
Manager's Guide
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How can business collaborate with competitors to identify and implement sustainability solutions? 
This guide outlines: 
Based on extensive research and in-depth interviews, this guide enables business managers to make the case for competitor collaborations to colleagues or leaders, determine the level of satisfaction with current competitor collaborations, and make desired changes. For industry association representatives, the guide provides resources and training for effective industry collaborations. Lastly, this report provides NGO leaders support to implement industry-wide changes and position their organizations to support multi-firm collaborations.

How Industry Leaders Opened Up

"To improve trust among our member firms, we’ve been working with a formula that attempts to unpack the concept of trust. It involves humility, authenticity, presence, looking each other in the eye, and understanding just how committed we are to making this better.”

Jim Donihee, Canadian Energy Pipeline Association
(excerpt from manager's guide)

“It’s very important to be very focused in what you are doing. You can’t boil the ocean, you can’t do everything, and I think in the past we have tried to do more than what our resources allowed . . . . Laser focus is the key.”

– Wesley Johnston, Canadian Solar Industries Association
(excerpt from manager's guide)
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