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Interested in having sustainability impact on practice and conducting rigorous research? NBS wants to support you.
Garima Sharma January 8, 2018
Bridging research and practice is core to the NBS mission.

Here are some of our recent resources for researchers interested in collaborating with practitioners:

Collaborations between researchers and managers can produce insight and impact, but publication can be difficult. Top editors advise on the path to print.

Garima Sharma
Maya Fischhoff

Hear directly from four scholars who have worked with practitioners to co-create knowledge. They share benefits, challenges, and practical tips.

Garima Sharma
Chelsea Hicks-Webster

How can researchers co-create knowledge with practitioners? Jean Bartunek describes how different perspectives can spark learning.

Garima Sharma

NBS seeks to bridge the gap between research and business practice by providing researchers with resources on how to co-create knowledge with practitioners.

Garima Sharma

The Impact Challenge

Intractable sustainability issues require problem solvers to come together. Practitioners and researchers can bring complementary insights to co-create knowledge for sustainability impact. However, often researchers see impact as a translation problem: findings need to be translated into language managers can understand and disseminated effectively. 

But translation only goes so far in creating real change. What if impact is reframed as a knowledge production problem?[1] Then, the focus shifts from how researchers provide managers with the right answer to how to integrate academic and practitioner knowledge for unique insights.

Despite its promise, knowledge co-creation with practitioners is neither easy nor incentivized. 

NBS's Co-Creation Initiative

NBS seeks to help researchers navigate the path of co-creation with practitioners — by learning from each other and sharing challenges and advice.

We want to build resources that offer insights to researchers on key questions such as:
We also want to build a community of researchers who share their experiences and offer insights to each other.

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[1] Van de Ven, A. H., & Johnson, P. E. 2006. Knowledge for theory and practice. Academy of Management Review, 31(4): 802–821.

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