Institute for Business in Society (IBiS)

Institute for Business in Society (IBiS)

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Institute for Business in Society (IBiS)

Charlottesville, VA, USA

Darden School of Business
University of Virginia UVA 


Business has an urgent need to tell a fresh story about how it interacts with, and contributes to society. More importantly, the world of commerce must develop a new cadre of leaders who function skillfully in unfamiliar territory, which often includes navigating not just the business sector, but also public policy and the influence of non-governmental organizations. Through a combination of case writing, curriculum, external outreach and academic research, the Institute for Business in Society (IBiS) engages executives who understand the new dynamics of business and who, through their example and leadership, make an enormous impact on how commerce is conducted in a global economy with divergent interests and stakeholder demands.

Main Activities 

Cases and Teaching Materials
Recent MBA cases include:




Organizational Structure

Governance and Staff
IBiS staff include the Executive Director and Director, who are responsible for leadership and general operations on all activities, as well as a research associate and communications coordinator. Academic Directors set the research and course development agenda for IBiS. An Advisory Committee of external partners helps identify the most pressing issues for IBiS, and determine the most impactful related activities to advance knowledge and shape business practices.

IBiS receives funding from individual donors, corporations and other grant giving entities.


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