ISDE Research Group

ISDE Research Group

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ISDE Research Group

Granada, Spain 
School of Economics and Business
University of Granada


Our goal is to create knowledge to improve a balanced development including economic, social and environmental dimensions. Our interests are mainly focused on research projects demanding analytical expertise and oriented towards the analysis of the role of firms, organizations and management on the equilibrium between economic and environmental progresses.

Main Activities

ISDE activities include a broad group of research developments. Our topics of interest include the connection between environmental issues and a broad range of management topics, such as: innovation, international management, stakeholders’ management, human resource management, among others. The vast majority of the ISDE projects are competitively funded by: the Spanish Ministry of Research, the Spanish Ministry of Education, and the regional government of Andalucia (“excellence research projects”). 

Some research projects and contracts are also funded by private prestigious research foundations (e.g. BBVA Foundation), specific organizations, or firms. We always try to create solid bridges between a top-quality research and business reality. Therefore, we develop our projects thinking about how useful they can be for researchers, public and private agents, governments, private organizations and directors. ISDE also organizes training activities of formation, diffusion and sensibility. Finally, ISDE members are particularly active collaborating with international networks of scholars, such as the Group of Research on Organizations and the Natural Environment (GRONEN) and the Academy of Management’s Organizations and the Natural Environment Division (ONE).

Organizational Structure

ISDE’s director is Dr. Alberto Aragón-Correa. The ISDE team includes about 25 full-time scholars who share interest in sustainability research and teaching management at University of Granada, four PhD students funded by the group and one administrative assistant. ISDE’s primary audiences are researchers and practitioners (managers and policy-makers). ISDE is one of the biggest research groups in Europe focusing sustainability issues.


Alberto Aragon Correa