Knowledge Priorities

Knowledge Priorities

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NBS July 7, 2011

Business Sustainability Priorities in 2016

  1. Public Policy & Climate Change (access previous research)
  2. Collaborating for Sustainability (access previous research)
  3. Respecting Aboriginal Rights
  4. Measuring & Reporting Sustainability
  5. Sustaining Sustainability Programs (learn about the Embedding Project)
  6. Educating Consumers (access previous research)
  7. Creating a Long-term Orientation (access previous research)

Previous Reports

Business Challenges for Sustainability
Business Challenges for Sustainability
Top Challenge Statement: Canadian firms need to play a greater role in decarbonizing the economy and building resilience to climate impacts. To do so, they need consistent, flexible, and predictable policies that foster emission reductions without compromising firm competitiveness.
From Challenges to Opportunities: The 7 Sustainability Opportunities for Canadian Business in 2015
From Challenges to Opportunities
Simplifying Complexity: The 8 Sustainability Challenges for Canadian Business in 2014
Simplifying Complexity
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Changing the System
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Canadian Business Sustainability Challenges
Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 3.24.53 PM
Canadian Business Sustainability Priorities
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Knowledge Priorities
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Knowledge Priorities
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Knowledge Priorities

Further Research Required

Due to resource limitations, NBS can address only up to three business sustainability challenges each year. We strongly encourage management researchers to undertake their own projects on the remaining issues. Please let us know about your work.

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If you want additional evidence on sustainability issues, NBS can connect you with researchers in your area of interest.


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