Laboratorio de sistemas de Produção, Petróleo, Gas e Energia

Laboratorio de sistemas de Produção, Petróleo, Gas e Energia

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Laboratorio de sistemas de Produção, Petróleo , Gas e Energia

Volta Redonda, Brasil

Universidade Federal Fluminernse


Develop knowledge and contribution for sustainable and renewable energy

Main Activities

The Industrial System, Petroleum Gas e Energy Laboratory ("LABSE") is focused on research and teaching sustainability subjects regarding energy efficiency, renewable energy.    On this regard  LABSE provides a fertile environment for discussion and research addressing solar and wind energy production, economic and regulatory issues on renewable energy development.    LABSE also  is open for parternship and co-opersative projects national and international aiming at t the development of research on new energy production asand storage systems.      The methodology for the development of projects related to the sustainability of LABSE involves the formation of research teams for each project and its management in order to design, build, test and measure the performance of prototypes. The team formation involves the adjusted process of recruiting and selecting academic participants in the various engineering modalities within the UFF / EEIMVR student body. Following is the structuring of a project management system and the team involving performance evaluation metrics of participants in the project, HR, construction, financial management, marketing and sponsorship activities.
 Locally,  LABSE look s for government and community outreach activities focusing sustainability issues  and community initiatives.

Organizational Structure

Prof. Dr. Dieirci Silveira (PhD.  Univ of Surrey/ Visiting Scholar UCLA) is Director and ´LABSE principal Investigator suported for grad and undergrad student within Universidade Federal Fluminense


Dierci Silveira, PhD.
LABSE Director