Managing for Sustainability 

Managing for Sustainability 

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Managing for Sustainability 

Ottawa, Canada 

Telfer School of Management
University of Ottawa 


Teaching, research and collaboration inside and outside the university related to sustainability.

Main Activities 

Energy Use and Climate Change
This research addresses both mitigation and adaptation approaches to climate change. Mitigation involves investigation of ways in which energy use can be reduced or switched to a different time of day so as to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from energy consumption and electric power generation. Adaptation involves coping with the effects of climate change that are already affecting. Current projects include:
Sustainable Management
Sustainable Management is an interdisciplinary field that focuses on the triple-bottom line. Researchers investigate questions about how organizations could, both separately and collaboratively, achieve a sustainable balance among profit, social needs and environmental needs. Current projects include:
Sustainable Marketing
Sustainable Marketing addresses a range of sustainability issues related to promotion, pricing, product design and development, and distribution. Current projects include:

Organizational Structure

The Telfer School of Management has identified “sustainability” as a strategic area of development. A group of six to eight professors lead by David Wright is working on the development of a graduate program in sustainability and ultimately the establishment of a “centre”.


David Wright
Full Professor