Marianopolis Centre for Social Economy and Social Ventures

Picture of Marianopolis Centre for Social Economy and Social Ventures

Marianopolis Centre for Social Economy and Social Ventures

Montreal, Canada 

Marianopolis College

Organizational Structure

We are working on developing the Centre’s structure. We will be seeking funding and students will help in the management of the Centre, conduct outreach, advocate and develop social ventures for credit. The creation of the Centre will be the students’ first social venture. In addition, an advisory committee consisting of representatives from student services, alumni and development, communications and faculty will advise and collaborate to develop programs.


Defy convention to better the society and the planet.

Main Activities 

For the first year, activities will revolve around the creation of the Centre. After establishing the Centre, we will focus on the following areas:

  1. Entrepreneurship: (1) Create a mentorship program with “executives or entrepreneurs in residence” to provide insights and inspiration into social economy and entrepreneurship. (2) Explore partnerships with Founders Fuel/Notman House and Youth Employment Services.
  2. Social Ventures Incubator: (1) Support students in developing social ventures by providing marketing and finance advice. Students will explore crowdfunding and microfinance as new venture funding vehicles.
  3. Sustainable Development: (1) Collaborate with other social economy and sustainability centres to provide mentoring and internship opportunities. (2) Participate with Enactus, a social entrepreneurship organization.
  4. Partnerships and Collaborations: (1) Explore collaborations with universities in Canada and abroad. (2) Establish and coordinate a yearly study abroad program. (3) Develop internships and community engagement programs. (4) Establish Social Ventures week.
  5. Creativity and Commerce: (1) Collaborate with the creative professions to promote social ventures with advertising, branding and marketing support. (2) Explore collaboration with and


Peter Elenakis
Professor and Founding Director