NBS at Sustainbility Boot Camp for Business Leaders

NBS September 19, 2017
NBS is proud to support the upcoming Sustainability Boot Camp for Business Leaders.

This one-day session held in Toronto on November 28, 2012 will outline why and how CEOs and CFOs are using sustainability to reduce risk while increasing revenues and productivity. Delivered by senior experts from Heenan Blaikie LLP, Global Reporting Initiative, Network for Business Sustainability and Leapfrog Sustainability Inc., instructors will share experience-based knowledge drawn from a range of practical company examples.

Hear from Barb Steele, NBS's Director of Strategic Partnerships, who will teach you about the best practices for employee engagement and embedding sustainability into corporate culture.

This program is designed for executives who are responsible for the financial or strategic health of their company and: 
For more information and to register: www.sustainabilitybootcamp.com.