NBS-SA Panel Discussion: The State Were Inre In

NBS-SA Panel Discussion: The State We're In

This interactive panel discussion focuses on social-ecological and institutional trends in South Africa, and their implications for business.
NBS April 21, 2016
Update: May 13, 2016 Registration is now closed. 

On May 12, 2016, NBS-South Africa (NBS-SA) hosted an interactive panel discussion at  the UCT Graduate School of Business.

The panel focussed on social-ecological and institutional trends in South Africa, and their implications for business. NBS-SA featured:

Discussion Topics

Heeding Socio-Ecological Indicators

While poverty and inequality are well recognised as the foremost challenges facing South Africa, it is worthwhile to keep social-ecological indicators, their inter-relationships, and related trends in view. The impacts of the current drought are indicative of this and perhaps a sign of things to come. 

Achieving a Shared Vision with Arms' Length Governance

A fair and effective governance response to these challenges will depend on the state and business having an arms’ length relationship with each other, while simultaneously working together towards a shared vision. The recent ConCourt ruling has galvanised some faith in the country’s institutions, yet it has arguably also shown the risks of a defensive posture within the ruling party. Ralph Hamann, Academic Director at NBS-SA, chaired the session and introduced two reports by the organization on business model innovation for shared value and CEO decision-making and the role of change agents


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