NBS South Africa 

NBS South Africa 

This sustainability centre is part of NBS's Sustainability Centres Community, representing business schools from around the world. Find out more.

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NBS South Africa 

Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa 

 Gordon Institute of Business Science (UP) and Graduate School of Business (UCT)
University of Pretoria and University of Cape Town


At NBS-SA, our overarching goal is to extend and facilitate the achievement of the broader Network for Business Sustainability (NBS) Vision and Mission in the southern African region and globally. These are outlined below.

NBS Vision
We envision a world where business contributes to prosperous economies, healthy ecosystems and strong communities.

NBS Mission
NBS enables business sustainability by fostering collaboration between research and practice. NBS-SA is committed to a vision of a sustainable future supported by business practices that create the value required in order to realise such a future. Through connecting visionary business leaders with global management scholars, NBS plays an instrumental role in creating the knowledge tools to enable positive change.

Main Activities 

Every year, NBS South Africa convenes a group of South African business leaders – our Leadership Council – whose companies are actively pursuing sustainability. These business leaders identify cross-cutting sustainability challenges that are relevant both within their organisations and the wider contexts in which they operate. These issues inform the NBS-SA research agenda and annual focal points. NBS then conducts rigorous academic research on the top sustainability challenges and opportunities as chosen by the Leadership Council in order to produce practical and objective decision-making resources for business leaders. The resulting resources are available for free, globally, via the NBS website: www.nbs.net

Organizational Structure


Claire Thwaits
Managing Director