NBS Sustainability Centres Workshop Notes

NBS Sustainability Centres Workshop Notes

Discover valuable insights from the 2014 NBS Sustainability Centres workshop, which brought together the directors of sustainability centres around the globe.
Emily Joldersma November 3, 2014
This document contains valuable insights from the June 2014 NBS Sustainability Centres workshop, which brought together administrators and academics from sustainability centres around the globe to a two and a half day conference at Harvard University.

The workshop objectives were to:
  1. Meet and build relationships with business sustainability centre directors from around the world.
  2. Share advice for addressing common challenges in teaching, research, outreach and administration.
  3. Scope opportunities for deep, ongoing collaboration. 
A strong focus at the workshop was on breakout groups. As part of the collaborative theme of the workshop, participants at the conference divided into groups with the goal to identify and discuss key sustainability questions and challenges. All topics discussed fell within the broader categorizations of: 
  1. Teaching and Curriculum; 
  2. Research Learning; 
  3. Outreach Learning; 
  4. Strategy and Operations.  
Below are findings reported by participants. 

Teaching and Curriculum

To improve interdisciplinary curricular efforts in curriculum:  When teaching, try alternative methods:  When teaching as part of an interdisciplinary team: Innovative with teaching structure:  To improve curriculum materials:


To conduct research with industry: 


How to engage with alumni:  When building relationships with industry:  How centres can support social entrepreneurship (SE):

Strategy and Operations

To measure impact: 
Tips on setting strategy and vision
When testing innovative funding models, try:
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