Network for Business Sustainability

Network for Business Sustainability

This sustainability centre is part of NBS's Sustainability Centres Community, representing business schools from around the world. Find out more.

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Network for Business Sustainability 

London, Canada 

Richard Ivey School of Business
Western University 


A Canadian non-profit established in 2005, the Network for Business Sustainability is a powerful and growing network of international academic experts and business leaders. NBS produces authoritative resources on important sustainability issues – with the goal of shaping management practice and research. We connect thousands of researchers and professionals worldwide who are interested in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and who believe in the value of research-based practice and practice-based research. Read more at

Main Activities 

NBS helps organizations solve problems by co-creating knowledge and communicating what's ahead. We work with companies committed to action research and shared learning. Action research helps companies contribute to and apply new research through observations and interventions made by the research team. Shared learning enables companies to reach a higher level of performance than acting alone.  

NBS is committed to supporting organizations through turbulent times. We will do that by: 
  1. Focussing on systems issues and opportunities: We will use the network to source and describe systems issues on the horizon. We will work with groups of stakeholders to help address the most pressing of these issues and opportunities, and build capacity for organizations to take on their own systems-solving. (Learn what we mean by systems.) 
  2. Solving problems through co-creation and collaboration: Our collaborative processes and public-private model have helped to bridge the divide between research and practice to help organizations create shared value. By bringing together researchers and managers, we will continue to catalyze innovation at the intersection of these communities and help to mobilize systems change.
  3. Drawing on different types of knowledge: We will draw increasingly on real-time practitioner knowledge, including expertise from different sectors and functions. We will also rely on academics for their emergent ideas, not just their peer-reviewed research. 
Our collaborative research projects have provided insights on a range of sustainability topics. We’ve helped connect committed researchers and practitioners who are solving problems and making the world more resilient.

Organizational Structure

Our head office is London, Ontario where we work from the Ivey School of Business. Ivey Professor Dr. Tima Bansal is Executive Director. Our Montreal office is headed up by l’Universite du Quebec Montreal Professor Dr. Marie-France Turcotte and Coordinator Carole LeBlond. 


Maya Fischhoff
Knowledge Manager