Network for Business Sustainability

Network for Business Sustainability

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Network for Business Sustainability 

London, Canada 

Richard Ivey School of Business
Western University 


A Canadian non-profit established in 2005, the Network for Business Sustainability is a powerful and growing network of international academic experts and business leaders. NBS produces authoritative resources on important sustainability issues – with the goal of shaping management practice and research. We connect thousands of researchers and professionals worldwide who are interested in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and who believe in the value of research-based practice and practice-based research. Read more at

Main Activities 

Every year, NBS defines industry’s emergent sustainability issues with direction from our Leadership Council. We identify the best researchers in the world to study those issues and manage the research process to ensure findings are relevant and actionable for industry. We translate the academic studies into practical planning resources for business leaders and disseminate them worldwide – for free. These year-long systematic reviews not only provide opportunities for business to impact academia and vice versa, but they frame and guide further knowledge pieces and tools. To date, NBS has produced nine systematic reviews on sustainability challenges identified by our Leadership Council, including: Embedding Sustainability in Organizational Culture; Managing Sustainable Global Supply Chains; Developing Effective Environmental Policy; and most-recently, Decision-making for Sustainability.

Aside from the Leadership Council, NBS has two councils: the Industry Association Council (IAC) and the Small- Medium-Enterprises (SME) Council. The IAC is a group of committed leaders dedicated to supporting the sustainable business practices of their members. NBS is creating a space for industry associations to work together on challenging sustainability issues. The SME Council for Sustainability is a unique initiative where leaders from industry, government and the public sector meet to determine small- and medium-sized enterprises’ research and action priorities and mobilize knowledge to meet their needs.

In addition, NBS receives academic guidance from Topic Editors: a group of eight academic leaders in their field who review the world’s top scholarly journals to identify the most significant and rigorous sustainability research. NBS also receives strategic guidance from its Advisory Board, chaired by Gordon Lambert, Vice-President, Sustainable Development, Suncor Energy Inc.

Finally, NBS hosts and participates in a number of industry events that enable sustainability researchers and professionals to exchange research insights and best practices.

Organizational Structure

NBS has nine staff. Our head office is London, Ontario where the Managing Director, along with knowledge specialists and a communications team, work from the Ivey School of Business. Ivey Professor Dr. Tima Bansal is Executive Director. The Director of Strategic Partnerships works from Toronto ON, and our Montreal office is headed up by l’Universite du Quebec Montreal Professor Dr. Marie-France Turcotte, along with two knowledge specialists. NBS relies on the guidance of a 15-member Advisory Board and a 17-member Leadership Council, a group of Canadian sustainability leaders from diverse sectors whose priorities inform NBS’s research agenda. We also appreciate the assistance of six Topic Editors, all highly regarded academics.


Maya Fischhoff
Knowledge Manager