NorthStar Initiative for Sustainable Enterprise

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NorthStar Initiative for Sustainable Enterprise

NorthStar Initiative for Sustainable Enterprise

Organizational Structure

NiSE is a university-wide initiative administered through the Institute on the Environment. Over the past four years, NiSE has planned and convened more than ten issue-specific workshops, attracting more than 1000 participants (from corporations, non-profits, government and academia), and has attracted over $3 million in research investments and support from internal and external sources in support of operations and research.


The NorthStar Initiative for Sustainable Enterprise (NiSE) works with the private sector to improve collective understanding of sustainability challenges in production and consumption systems, develop decision tools to effectively act on these systems, and accelerate innovation and implementation.

Main Activities

The initiatives supported by NiSE are stimulated by academic-practitioner dialogue and implemented through highly integrative, transdisciplinary “outcome-oriented” scholarship. Current initiatives include: creation of a hotspot reduction index methodology, and associated life cycle-based parameterized simulation tools for strategic sourcing and procurement (with TSC, GEMI, 3M, Fed-Ex, Kraft and Smithfield Farms, Catchlight Energy, Gevo, and others); development of methods to assess supply chains as institutions for collective action (CDP, EDF, MISO, ABB, Walmart, Philips, L’Oreal, Bank of America, Pepsi, Vodafone, and others); application of the “internet of things” for the advancement of environmental and social benefit (Zipcar, Best Buy, MobileAnalytiQ, and others).


Timothy M. Smith