Pathways to Change

Pathways to Change

This report identifies eight key challenges facing South African managers and opportunities for researchers to contribute implementable guidance.
NBS November 26, 2014

South African Sustainability Challenges & Opportunities 2014

NBS South Africa Report
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This report identifies eight key challenges facing South African managers and opportunities for researchers to contribute insight and implementable guidance in sustainability knowledge and practice. It builds on a report published last year, deepening previously identified themes and recommending new ones.

All eight themes represent managers’ quest for guidance on how to affect meaningful change at individual, organisational, and societal levels: 
  1. How are innovative business models creating shared value? See resulting Main Report and Executive Guide.
  2. Why do some CEOs make the shift towards incorporating sustainability into strategy (and what holds the others back)? See resulting Main Report and Executive Guide
  3. Does the South African capital market work for the long-term interests of savers?
  4. How can business associations help create a social compact that creates shared value?
  5. How can companies develop social capital in their supply chain?
  6. How can change agents create sustainability-oriented change in companies, and how can they be supported?
  7. How do organisations become effective change agents in society?
  8. How do companies ensure integrated decision-making in response to the food-energy-water nexus?
We offer this report as a contribution to an increasingly global and instructive conversation between researchers and practitioners, and as an invitation to you to join that conversation.

To access the research outcomes on the top two priority themes, see the informational pages on innovative business models and CEO decision-making.

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