Podcast Series: Disruption

Podcast Series: 
Leading Positive Change in a Time of Disruption

We live in a world of change. From the energy sector to the financial markets, things are shifting beneath our feet. NBS’s podcast series shares expert views on leading positive change in the face of disruption.
NBS June 19, 2018
Change is inescapable. Carbon policies and renewable energy are reshaping energy systems. Electric and autonomous vehicles could change transportation. Digitalization is altering human interactions and challenging managers to adopt new business models and modes of engagement. 

These disruptions offer opportunities. Disrupted systems are primed to be re-envisioned and rebuilt. Why not rebuild in a way that promotes healthy communities and ecosystems? 

This podcast series is for business leaders, policy makers, and other change agents charged with responding to disruption. In conversation with experts from research and practice, we will identify how businesses can lead positive change in this new age. Learn:

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NBS's podcast series shares experts' views on leading positive change in the face of disruption. This series is about discussion. We want to hear from you. What changes do you see remaking our world? How is your organization navigating toward the future? What topics should we cover?

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Podcast episodes


Technological, social, and political disruptions are all around us. Thriving in this context requires agility, innovation, and collaboration.

Tima Bansal
Julian Birkinshaw

When society shifts toward sustainability, firms should be proactive. Adapt your business model and help shape the coming change.

Maya Fischhoff

Complexity is everywhere, bringing uncertainty and interdependence. Managing it requires "systems thinking" — expanding your mental model.

Maya Fischhoff

Partnerships can let you reduce risk, tackle big issues, and unlock potential. Experts advise on how unlikely alliances succeed.

Gordon Lambert
Barbara Gray

Humans want stability — but face change. Companies must help workers adjust to everything from market shifts to sustainability challenges.

Alex McMurray
Sophie Leroy