PwC Center for Corporate Social Responsibility

Picture of PwC Center for Corporate Social Responsibility

PwC Center for Corporate Social Responsibility

St.Petersburg, Russian Federation 

St.Petersburg University 
St.Petersburg University Graduate School of Management

Organizational Structure 

The Center is a formal department of SPbU GSOM. It is managed part time by the Director and the Center manager. About 10 researchers and teachers are affiliated with the Center.

Since 2009, the Center’s activities have been mainly funded by the donations of PwC. The Center coordinates the research and teaching cooperation of SPbU GSOM in the fields of CSR and sustainable development on the national (with Russian Managers Association and The Russian Donors Forum) and international (with ABIS — The Academy of Business and Society, EBEN, Caux Round Table, PRME, GOLDEN for Sustainability, and GRLI) levels.


To educate and advance the national managerial elite strongly committed to the idea of implementing the principles of social responsibility and sustainable development in Russian companies and respecting interests of all stakeholders.

Main Activities 

The main research activities are related to:

The teaching activities at SPbU GSOM are presented by obligatory and elective courses such as:


Yury E. Blagov
Director of the Center