Railway Association of Canada Joins IAC

Railway Association of Canada Joins IAC

The Railway Association of Canada joins the NBS Industry Association Council.
NBS March 17, 2014
NBS and council members are thrilled to welcome Michael Gullo, Director, Policy Development and Environmental Affairs, to our council of Industry Association representatives.

"With the announcement of its 2014-2016 Strategic Plan, the Railway Association of Canada is committed to advancing the sustainability of Canada’s freight and passenger railways.  The NBS Industry Association Council provides the ideal forum to meet with other Canadian industry associations and identify best practices, discuss lessons learned, and seek potential opportunities to collaborate with the NBS network and other Council members." – Michael Gullo 2014 is of to an excellent start for the NBS Industry Association Council. At the February 25 meeting, we all learned a great deal about both the achievements and diverse challenges council members face. The next meeting will take place in Toronto, in June 2014.

The IAC believes that industry plays an important role in sustainability. Each association is committed to advancing the sustainability performance of its members

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