Smart City Innovation Lab

Smart City Innovation Lab

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Smart City Innovation Lab

Lisbon, Portugal 

Lisbon School of Business & Economics
Universidade Católica Portuguesa Católica


Our interdisciplinary research team unites the fields of business model innovation, behavioural change mechanisms, market strategies and national and international policy analysis in order to optimize the performance and benefits obtained from urban systems and the technologies they are composed of.

Main Activities 

The Smart City Innovation Lab (SCIL) develops and disseminates knowledge related to urban technologies on a firm, consumer and policy level. We believe that smart city technologies include, but are not limited to, sustainable technologies, disruptive technologies and service innovations and that these aspects combined allow such smart city systems to thrive effectively and create well-being for its citizens. We specifically focus on the energy and mobility industry.

SCIL produces scholarly knowledge on the highest level, engages in national and trans-national applied research projects, and informs policy and practice via courses, consulting and position papers.

Projects: H2020 me2, H2020 inteGRIDy, businessmodelcomposer

Organizational Structure

Partners: Virtual Power Solutions, Media Primer, Lisboa e-nova, Atos, AT Kearney, Frauenhofer, Moosmoar Energies OG, Siemens, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, University of St. Gallen, CERTH Centre for Research & Technology Hellas, Politecnico Milano 1863, Aiguasol, gasNatural fenosa, electrica


René Bohnsack