Start Here Guide for Small Producing Mining Companies

Start Here Guide for Small Producing Mining Companies

Sustainability frameworks are useful tools, but can be a challenge to navigate. This guide helps junior mining companies navigate them.
Lindsay McIvor April 15, 2014

Sustainability for Exploration, Development and Small Producing Mining Companies

Start Here Guide
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Sustainability frameworks provide clarity on risks and responsibilities, and can kick-start a company’s sustainability strategy. But, it can be a challenge for companies to navigate the Canadian and international frameworks available. 

In mining, the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada's e3 Plus, the Mining Association of Canada’s Towards Sustainable Mining, ICMM’s Sustainable Development Framework, the UN Global Compact and the IFC’s Performance Standards make up the go-to sustainability frameworks.

How can a company know which framework to use and when to use it? What are the specific benefits of aligning your company with one of these frameworks? How can a manager know where to start?

Start here.

This Start Here Guide is written for exploration, development and small producing companies (EDSPs). It introduces managers and mining professionals to the sustainability standards, guidelines, frameworks and toolkits that are most relevant to them. Specifically the guide 
It distills the most widely used resources into a easy-to-understand format so managers can achieve sustainability requirements.

A set of topic-specific Quick Sheets, specifically targeted to EDSPs, accompany this guide. Download the Quick Sheets from the list below:

Base Management Quick Sheets

Equator Principles III (Original source)
IFC Performance Standards
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EHS Quick Sheets (Select the Quick Sheet relevant to your company):

World Bank EHS Standards for Exploration and Development Companies
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World Bank EHS Standards for  Small Producing Companies
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Best Practices Quick Sheets

Stakeholder Engagement
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Indigenous Peoples (if applicable)
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Grievance Mechanisms
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Participatory Water Monitoring
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The above-listed Quick Sheets are applicable to the majority of projects. Depending on the phase and context of the mining project, managers and mining professionals may want to refer to the following Quick Sheets.
Local Procurement
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 IFC Strategic Community Investment (Original source)
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Check out the companion guide to access templates, tools and research on Community Engagement.
Reports and Articles

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