Strategies for Teaching Sustainability in Business Strategy Webinar

Specific strategies for teaching sustainability in business strategy classes, shared by award-winning instructors from around the world.
Chelsea Hicks-Webster September 15, 2017
Faculty members from across the globe came together in summer 2013 for an interactive webinar on teaching sustainability in business strategy. The webinar began with presentations from three award-winning instructors: Mike Valente (York University), Marie-France Turcotte (University of Quebec at Montreal) and Ted London (University of Michigan). (Biosketches are below.) They described specific techniques they’ve used: e.g. student assignments, cases and other approaches. Participants then asked questions and shared their own strategies for teaching sustainability.


Webinar PowerPoint (Mike Valente and Marie-France Turcotte)

Resources Mentioned by Speakers and Participants

From Mike Valente: From Marie-France Turcotte: From Ted London: From Carol Seagle: From Oliver Laasch: From Organizations and Natural Environment Division of AOM:

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Webinar Guest Speakers

Picture of Mike Valente, York University

Mike Valente, York University

Mike is particularly interested in the typology of organizational responses to complex social, ecological, and economic issues, including those responses that represent a paradigmatic difference from mainstream business models. Teaching: He has won multiple awards for teaching excellence, from University of Western Ontario, University of Victoria, and York University.
Picture of Ted London, University of Michigan

Ted London, University of Michigan

London focuses his research on designing enterprise strategies and poverty-alleviation approaches for low-income markets, developing capabilities for new market entry, building cross-sector collaborations, and assessing the poverty-reduction outcomes of business ventures. Teaching: He won the 2011 Page Prize for Sustainability Issues in Business Curricula for his course, "Business Strategies for the Base of the Pyramid."
Picture of Marie-France Turcotte, University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM)

Marie-France Turcotte, University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM)

Marie-France’s academic work has focused on multistakeholder collaborations, corporate social and environmental responsibility, soft regulation mechanisms, and businesses’ relations with social movements. Teaching: She has taught extensively on the role of sustainability in business, including such courses as “Environmental Management in Organizations”, “Sustainable Development and Management” and “Interdisciplinary Perspectives of Environmental Problems”.