Strategies for Teaching Sustainability in Finance and Accounting Webinar

Specific strategies for teaching sustainability in finance and accounting classes, shared by award-winning instructors from around the world.
Chelsea Hicks-Webster September 15, 2017
Faculty members from across the globe came together in summer 2013 for an interactive webinar on strategies for teaching sustainability in finance and accounting. The webinar began with presentations from two award-winning instructors: Charles Cho (ESSEC Business School) and Mark Cohen (Vanderbilt University). (Biosketches are below.) They described specific strategies they’ve used: e.g. student assignments, cases and other approaches. Participants then asked questions and shared their own strategies for teaching sustainability.


Mark Cohen’s PowerPoint

Resources from Speakers and Participants

From Charles Cho (all videos) From Mark Cohen From Carol Seagle From Oliver Laasch From Organizations and Natural Environment Division of AOM:

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Webinar Guest Speakers

Picture of Mark Cohen, Vanderbilt University

Mark Cohen, Vanderbilt University

Mark Cohen has extensive experience analyzing government enforcement policies, with particular emphasis on environmental and criminal justice issues. He is an expert on enforcing environmental regulations and on corporate crime and punishment. Teaching: He received 'Honorable Mention' from the Page Prize for Environmental Sustainability Curriculum (2012) for his course “Financial Analysis of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Data.”
Picture of Charles Cho, ESSEC Business School

Charles Cho, ESSEC Business School

Charles Cho is an Associate Professor of Accounting at ESSEC Business School, with a strong background in the teaching, research and practice of sustainability. His research focuses on social and environmental accounting, corporate social responsibility, and accounting and the public interest. He is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Certified General Accountant (CGA), and worked for KPMG LLP and other public accounting firms for several years. 

Teaching: Charles has taught financial and managerial accounting courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels and designed CSR-related courses at the PhD, MBA and undergraduate levels. He also has experience teaching corporate sustainability and business ethics to executives.