Success Stories

Success Stories

Success Stories feature outreach, teaching, and research initiatives from business school sustainability centres making their mark.  


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Outreach Success Stories feature ways centres are changing their communities. Each story includes activity impacts and provides guidance for implementing something similar. They provide examples of centre strategies for changing business practice on local and regional scales, including: 
  1. Empowering students to bring innovative ideas to life;
  2. Facilitating knowledge exchange with companies;
  3. Educating politicians on sustainability issues.
Outreach has directly benefitted centres, attracting funding and improving reputation. Outreach activities have also had real-world impact, such as reducing greenhouse emissions, launching new ventures like eco-accommodation and achieving clean energy policies. 
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Research Success Stories feature initiatives of sustainability centres producing and mobilizing valuable sustainability research. Each story includes activity impacts and provides guidance for implementing something similar. The stories provide strategies for involving public and private sector entities in research creation and mobilization: 
  1. Conducting research in close cooperation with industry; 
  2. Providing research-based guidance for industry and government; 
  3. Engaging public and private sector entities in research has directly benefitted centres. 
External partners with large corporate networks, such as Chambers of Commerce or public investment firms, massively increase the reach of the research. Partners also provide fresh ideas that can inspire new research questions. 

When mobilized, relevant research has impressive real-world impact, from improving responsible business practice in large corporations, to SME commercialization of eco-friendly innovations. 
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Teaching Success Stories feature educational initiatives helping to train the next generation of leaders. Each story includes activity impacts and provides guidance for implementing something similar. They give diverse examples of centre strategies for creating responsible future managers, including: 
  1. Creating new courses and programs;
  2. Embedding sustainability into existing programs; 
  3. Providing sustainability-focused exchange and service learning opportunities;
  4. Empowering students to make real-world impact through supervised projects; 
  5. Engaging students to co-organize educational events. 
Theses activities have directly benefitted centres: growing student enrolment, building international reputation and improving positioning in third party sustainability rankings. Empowered students have had real-world impact: e.g. reducing the carbon footprint of local businesses, impacting US sustainability policy and doubling seed funding through socially responsible investment. 
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