Sustainability Management Research Centre

Picture of Sustainability Management Research Centre

Sustainability Management Research Centre

Hong Kong, China 

Hong Kong Polytechnic University Faculty of Business

Organizational Structure

Currently there are 6 research fellows/research assistants working in the Centre under the Director and deputy Director. The two major projects with one on CSR reporting system and one on green transformation of Hong Kong manufacturers in the Pearl River Delta Region in China are funded by the Hong Kong government and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University respectively. We have collaborators from both academic and business communities. At the same time, we work closely with government agencies, public organizations and NGOs to promote CSR/sustainability in the business community locally and internationally.


To promote business sustainability through conducting innovative research on sustainability management and transferring the knowledge generated to both the academic and business communities.

Main Activities

1. Sustainability Strategy, Management of Performance
2. Green Transformation of Manufacturers in the Pearl River Delta Region
3. Social Enterprises


Carlos W.H. LO
Centre Director