Sustainable Business Initiative

Sustainable Business Initiative

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Sustainable Business Initiative

Edinburgh, United Kingdom 

University of Edinburgh Business School
University of Edinburgh


“… translating sustainability knowledge into practice”

The core sustainability challenge facing businesses today is the ability to foresee, respond to and manage the strategic impacts arising from such issues as: increasing natural resource scarcity, climate change, poverty, inequality and changing stakeholder expectations in different localities.

The Sustainable Business Initiative is the Edinburgh University Business School's contribution to supporting the business community as it prepares for this challenge. We are committed to equipping managers and decision-makers with the requisite skills to create and implement sustainable and responsible strategies through our management development programmes, actionable research, and constructive engagement with industry and policy makers.

Main Activities 

1. Executive education
We partner with businesses to provide customised, in-house management development programmes in such areas as:

Managing Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Risks
Fostering Sustainability Orientation for Organizational Development
Designing and Leading sustainable and responsible organisations
Developing inclusive business strategies and marketing sustainability
We also run public capacity building programmes in the broad area of sustainable and responsible business practices.

2. Consultancy
We offer both short and long term consultancy in our areas of expertise. These include, but are not limited to:

Sustainability Strategy
Stakeholder Engagement
Green Logistics and Entrepreneurship
Marketing Sustainability
Corporate Governance and Business Ethics
Climate Change Strategies
Sustainable Innovation
Socio-economic Impact Assessments
Sustainable Finance and Responsible Investments
Corporate Social Responsibility
We also work with businesses to meet their specific needs in this area.

3. Practitioners’ forum/Speakers Series
The city of Edinburgh affords us the unique opportunity to constantly engage with industry and policy makers. We run an annual practitioners’ forum, which brings together industry leaders and other professional stakeholders to exchange knowledge in a friendly and collaborative environment. We also run monthly speakers series through which business and policy leaders share their experiences with our students. Volunteer guest speakers are very much appreciated. To speak in our monthly series, please contact: Dr. Kenneth Amaeshi (

Organizational Structure


Professor Kenneth Amaeshi
Director, Sustainable Business Initiative