Sustainable Entrepreneurship Research Platform

Sustainable Entrepreneurship Research Platform

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Sustainable Entrepreneurship Research Platform

Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences


The Sustainable Entrepreneurship Research Platform was established to bridge knowledge about business sustainability in research, teaching and practice. We facilitate and engage in interdisciplinary projects that provide a deeper understanding of how entrepreneurial and incumbent firms innovate and change by adopting sustainable practices.

As part of the AUAS International Business School, the overall mission and vision of the school emphasizes providing undergraduates a global business education to develop reflective business competences. We see learning as a continuous journey, in which students connect to various stakeholders across borders and are stimulated to find creative solutions to tomorrow’s challenges. Ethics, corporate social responsibility and sustainability are subjects that are integrated across the curriculum as we aim to educate students to become holistic leaders and good corporate citizens

Main Activities 

The activities of the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Research Platform support and build on CAREM’s larger research program on “Responsive Entrepreneurship and Learning in Metropolitan Areas”.

We have strong ties to the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and as such many of our activities are focused on the apparel and textile industry. However, we also have studied other sectors such as chemicals, financial services and commodities.

Research interests and themes:
• Institutional perspectives on sustainability adoption and change
• Internationalization of supply/value chain
• Sustainable supply chain management
• Cross sector and multi-stakeholder collaborations
• Horizontal collaborations with competitors
• Social entrepreneurship
• Innovation / technology adoption

Teaching activities:
We provide unique opportunities for students to participate in research projects that focus on understanding sustainability in more depth and in practice. We also use our knowledge and insights for curriculum development to embed research skills and sustainability knowledge in various courses but also across disciplines (International Business School and Amsterdam Fashion Institute).

Outreach activities:
We actively build and bridge networks between entrepreneurs, business leaders, policy makers, NGOs, researchers, educators, students and alumni, both locally and internationally. We organize seminars, symposiums and workshops and produce academic and practitioner publications to disseminate research results to a large group of stakeholders and increase impact. Through our outreach activities we contribute to the development of a strong apparel, and specialized denim, industry that enables Amsterdam to be at the forefront of sustainable practices.

Organizational Structure

The Sustainable Entrepreneurship Research Platform is embedded in the International Business School (IBS) and Centre for Applied Research in Economics and Management (CAREM), Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS). It is led by Dr. Lori DiVito. Students at the International Business School at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and at the Amsterdam Business School, University of Amsterdam have been and continue to be involved in the various research projects.


Lori DiVito
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