Sustainable RSM

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Sustainable RSM

Rotterdam, Netherlands 

Erasmus University Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)

Organizational Structure

The RSM Management Team funds activities and approves strategic and operational plans concerning sustainability-relevant activities at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University.

One full-time Sustainability Coordinator, one part-time (0.2 fte) academic coordinator, one part-time (0.2 fte) communications coordinator, and one part-time (0.3 fte) student assistant constitute the Sustainable RSM Core Team. This Team initiates and coordinates sustainability-relevant initiatives and engages employees and students.

The Sustainable RSM Student Committee (30-40 students annually) operates with a flat model of four committees and project ambassadors. They recruit student volunteers and provide outreach and education to all students at RSM.


Sustainable RSM aims at achieving the lasting commitment of the RSM Community – consisting of academic, managerial, and support staff, as well as present and former students, of Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University – to the performance of social and environmentally sustainable business operations.

Main Activities 


Joey Johannsen
Sustainability Coordinator