Sustainable Supply Chain Lab @ CESIT

Sustainable Supply Chain Lab @ CESIT

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Sustainable Supply Chain Lab @ CESIT

Talence, France

KEDGE Business School


The lab is committed to advancing and disseminating knowledge on managing supply chains (a) to reduce short- and long-term negative environmental, social and economic impacts up- and downstream and (b) to strengthen corporate success, competitive advantage, and brand credibility. The lab engages in multi-stakeholder collaboration with private companies, public organizations, regulators, civil society, and academia - nationally, internationally, and globally.

Main Activities

The lab conducts scientific research, supports private companies and public organizations in their activities to transform to more sustainable business behavior, contributes facts to the political and public conversation, and educates students and practitioners of differing proficiency levels in a variety of formats.

Organizational Structure

The Sustainable Supply Chain Lab is a division of KEDGE Business School's Supply Chain Center of Excellence. It benefits from the close collaboration with other disciplines in supply chain management, ensuring the integrated nature of sustainability. The center consists of four professors (of which one acts as head of the lab), two post-docs, and a number of student researchers. The lab's majority of funding is generated by commercial projects with companies and by third party research grants.


Anicia Jaegler