Tips for Small Business: Know When Youre Already Doing CSRre Already Doing CSR

Tips for Small Business: Know When You're Already Doing CSR

Laura J. Spence October 30, 2013
In a five-part series for small business, management researcher and NBS Topic Editor Laura Spence explains how small business owners can make their companies more environmentally and socially responsible. Starting small and growing in difficulty, these five steps help companies make small changes that create big impact in their staff, their community and their workplace.

So, you’re interested in corporate social responsibility (CSR) but don’t know where to start?

The good news is, you’re likely already doing it! Small businesses are often great examples of good “corporate citizens” – they just don’t know it. Review the list below and check off anything your company already does. These are examples of your company behaving “sustainably” or demonstrating CSR.





Stay tuned for the next post in this five-part series: Promote Your Good Works.