Top 7 Sustainability Highlights from 2015

Top 7 Sustainability Highlights from 2015

Here we reflect on the top seven research reports, articles, and videos members of the NBS community engaged with most. 
NBS January 25, 2016
2015 marked the year accountants not only entered the conversation, but also led sustainability initiatives in their organizations. Industry associations, like the Railway Association of Canada, took charge of strategic planning to help each and every company in their industry achieve sustainability. Carbon pricing made tremendous strides in government and in business. 

There is still much work to do. We encourage you to continue integrating NBS research and tools into your strategic plans, your presentations, and use them to continue improving the sustainability of your operations.   

1. Putting Climate Change on the Books

Learn how accountants at TransLink, Metro Vancouver's transportation authority, help the organization adapt to climate change. Watch Video  

2. Sustainability in Canada's Railway Sector

Railways are part of Canada's identity. Learn how the Railway Association of Canada reached out to Canadians for input on its sustainability strategy. Read Report  

3. Cap-and-Trade or Carbon Tax?  

Experts from EcoFiscal outline differences, similarities, and business implications for the carbon tax and the cap-and-trade system? Compare Mechanisms   

4. Lead with a Shared Vision 

Managers and business leaders alike rely heavily on estimates, forecasts, and trends for strategic planning. But predictive approaches often fall short. Use this report to:

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5. Future Thinking

In 2016, will you act for short-term results or plan for the long-term? Research provides guidance on how businesses can incorporate long-term thinking. This report includes:

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6. Climate Change Finance Frontiers

For accountants at Frontiers North Adventures (FNA), working with sea ice modellers, polar bear experts, and scientists is all in a day's work.  Discover how FNA's team is accounting for and adapting to climate change. Watch Video  

7. Pay Inequality Among Social Entrepreneurs? 

A gender gap in pay exists even when women set their own pay as social entrepreneurs. New research identifies why women settle for less and how social enterprises can fulfill their promise. Learn More  

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Case Study

At TransLink, finance is responsible for sustainability. Sustainability efforts such as climate change adaptation are embedded throughout the organization.

S. Jeff Birchall
Elin Williams
Reports and Articles

Railways are part of the Canadian identity. Civic dialogue identified key issues for the Railway Association of Canada's new sustainability strategy.

Maya Fischhoff
Thought Leaders

Each carbon pricing strategy has advocates. Knowing the differences — and similarities — between cap-and-trade and a carbon tax help businesses benefit.

Executive Report

Planning for the future is essential to leadership. So how can businesses engage in strategic planning to create a shared vision for a sustainable future?

Executive Report

This report provides a three-step process to balance short and long-term actions, cases, common obstacles to long-term action, and ways to overcome them.

Case Study

Learn how Frontiers North Adventures, a Canadian travel company, identified the risks and looked for opportunities in the face of climate change.

Research Insight

Research suggests that even when women get the opportunity to dictate their own pay—such as within their own social enterprises—they still settle for less.

Kevin Hurren