Marcel Desautels Institute for Integrated Management

Marcel Desautels Institute for Integrated Management

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Marcel Desautels Institute for Integrated Management

Montréal, Canada 

McGill University


The MDIIM’s mandate is to develop an integrated approach to management – one that breaks down disciplinary barriers, embraces multiple perspectives and encourages holistic, context-sensitive thinking about organizations. The MDIIM defines integrated management as management that constructively faces the tensions of competing perspectives on value in order to formulate and implement strategies that transcend rather than accept trade-offs. Through interdisciplinary (1) curriculum development (2) research and (3) outreach activities, the MDIIM will foster innovation that creates value as defined from multiple perspectives.

The MDIIM currently focuses on five thematic priorities, two of which are “phenomenon-driven” in that they represent constituting phenomenon of integrated management: value(s) protection through (1) robust metrics and risk management; value(s) creation through (2) innovation.

Complementing these are three “value-driven” thematic priorities in that they represent values that the MDIIM believes must be integrated with considerations of economic value in organizational decision-making: (3) health (4) social wellbeing and (5) sustainability.

These map, loosely, to the levels of individuals (health, i.e. a life), communities (social well-being, i.e. lives) and broader ecosystems in which they are embedded (sustainability, i.e. life).

Main Activities

The MDIIM organizes its activities around three pillars of teaching, research and outreach.

Organizational Structure

The director of the MDIIM oversees all its academic activities and is assisted in overseeing its strategic and administrative activities by a managing director. The director is assisted in overseeing activities related to the “Social Well-Being” thematic priority by an integrating director, currently appointed part-time. A full-time project coordinator provides helps with implementing projects across each of the thematic portfolios. A Faculty Fellowship program and a Student Fellowship program provide opportunities for faculty members and students from Desautels and other McGill units to become formally affiliated with the MDIIM as Institute Fellows in order to conceptualize and implement teaching, research and outreach projects related to its five thematic priorities.


Anna Birnie-Lefcovitch