Webinar: Research Findings on the Business Case for Sustainability

Webinar: Research Findings on the Business Case for Sustainability

Researcher John Peloza demonstrates how CSR yields financial reward using best-in-class research.
Lauren Turner June 24, 2013
Social and environmental initiatives can boost firm financial performance. This webinar, Building Your Case: Research Findings on the Business Case for Sustainability, zeros in on three topics CSR managers should be familiar with when making sustainability decisions: 
John Peloza uses the most compelling findings from NBS’s collection of best-in-class research to demonstrate how CSR yields financial reward for business. He provides real examples and useful tips on how to implement CSR effectively in your own firm.

Browse the presentation for more findings, links to peer-reviewed articles, and NBS research summaries.

Download the webinar slides to access evidence to support your strategic planning, your next report to the board, or simply to build out your knowledge of peer-reviewed research.

Anyone interested in the link between corporate social and financial performance is encouraged to take a look. Webinar attendees included managers responsible for community relations, external relations, CSR, or sustainability. 

Summary of Learning Outcomes

Social commitments boost employee engagement and productivity.

Research shows employees of good corporate citizens are almost 40% more engaged, creative, and connected at work.

Socially responsible firms have stronger stock prices than those focused solely on profit.

Companies that invest in corporate social performance experience less stock price volatility than companies that don't, in some cases reducing firm-specific risk by up to 10%.

CSR does pay off.

Every $1 in corporate donations generates sales of $6

About the Presenter

Picture of John Peloza

John Peloza

John Peloza is a former professor at Florida State University and is currently an associate professor at the University of Kentucky. His research focuses on building a business case for corporate social responsibility. He led the NBS research project on Valuing Sustainability and authored, "Valuing Business Sustainability: A Systematic Review."