Why Hire a Sustainability Graduate?

Why Hire a Sustainability Graduate?

Research suggests sustainability programs build many competencies in students that valuable to prospective employers.
Chelsea Hicks-Webster January 20, 2014
A graduate with a sustainability background has more to offer than knowledge of environmental issues. Research suggests that sustainability programs build many competencies in students that are of value to prospective employers (Wiek et al. 2011).

Workplace Competencies of Sustainability Graduates

How Research Centres Foster Valuable Skills

Business schools are constantly innovating in the area of sustainability education.  These efforts are often lead by a sustainability centre within the school. NBS has captured cutting-edge educational efforts by members of its Sustainability Centres Community, a group of more than 80 business school sustainability centres.

Approaches used to develop diverse competencies in students include: 

NBS is Empowering Centres

The Network for Business Sustainability is increasing centres’ capacity to create change through its Sustainability Centres Community, an online community used to collaborate and share best practices.

To learn more about the activities of a centre near you, search the Sustainability Centres Community directory.
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Wiek, A., Withycombe, L., & Redman C. L. 2011. Key competencies in sustainability: a reference framework for academic program development. Sustainability Science, 6: 203-218.

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