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Sustainability challenges need new solutions. In this monthly feature, NBS offers bite-sized summaries of emerging insights that can advance sustainable business. NBS’s Content Committee reviews recent research across more than 50 different journals, identifying the most important findings for managers.

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New findings:Barely Being Ranked Can Be Worse than Not Being Ranked at All; Air Pollution Leads to Investing Errors; and To Keep Society Functioning, Get Involved

New findings: For workplace change, don’t be angry; Financial instruments can’t manage climate change — yet; Confusion is the new greenwashing

New findings: Make Your Case by Emphasizing Company Values; and Local Ties Make Sustainable Leaders

New findings: Sea Level Rise Has Hidden Costs for Business; Promoting Women Increases Profits in Emerging Economies; and Analysts Are Bad for Corporate Social Performance

New findings: How to choose environmental certification; institutional shareholders drive CSR; and firm politics shape stakeholder treatment

New findings: CSR draws employees; DJSWI visibility attracts long-term investment; and non-financial metrics motivate responsible action.

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