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Getting started? This primer is designed for professionals stepping into the sustainability space.

This primer introduces basic terminology and provides an overview of key issues to help you translate CSR activities into financial value.

Building firm reputation through good CSR strategies can drive financial performance and improve your corporate perception on the market.

Employees working for firms with environmental policies are most likely to implement eco-initiatives. To encourage employee eco-initiatives, managers can adopt a written environmental policy and communicate it to employees.

This research examines the pressures that shaped the U.S. chemical industry's environmental beliefs and practices from the 1960s to the 1990s.

Firms that appear environmentally responsible experience lower stock market risk. This study offers firms a clear motivation for acting responsibly.

This study investigates the processes underlying how business and nonprofit partnerships form. The authors identify the challenges faced by managers at each stage of partnership implementation. Based on their findings, they propose a partnership test that managers can use to evaluate the implementation effectiveness of a partnership.

This study answers two questions: 1) How do firms manage stakeholders to improve their market performance? 2) What competitive benefits can firms obtain by managing stakeholders?

Corporate social responsibility and philanthropy can payoff for a firm - but only at very low or very high levels.

NBS and Canadian Business for Social Responsibility present a five-part framework to help businesses embed sustainability into their organizational culture.

This paper highlights how managers form effective partnerships between business, government and non-profits to address social issues. Successful partnerships create a shared vision by focusing on common interests.

Researchers contrast corporate responses to climate change in the UK and Pakistan. How does your firm's response compare?

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