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Strategies for Teaching Sustainability in Marketing Webinar

Specific strategies for teaching sustainability in marketing classes, shared by award-winning instructors from around the world.

Faculty members from across the globe came together in summer 2013 for an interactive webinar on strategies for teaching sustainability in marketing. The webinar began with presentations from three award-winning instructors: Monica LaBarge (Queens University), Kevin McMahon (University of Colorado), and Madhu Visnawathan (University of Illinois). (Biosketches are below.) They described specific strategies they’ve used: e.g. cases, field projects, debates and other approaches. Participants then asked questions and shared their own strategies for teaching sustainability.

Resources for Teaching Sustainability in Marketing

From Monica LaBarge:

Case studies:


Books and textbooks:


From Kevin McMahon:

Book: Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions(for background on Coke vs. Pepsi and placebo effect) News articles:

Example: Patagonia Common Threads Initiative

From Madhu Viswanathan:

From Andres Barrios:

From Oliver Laasch:

  • United Nations Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) textbook; chapter on marketing. Contact Oliver Laasch for chapters.

From Organizations and Natural Environment Division of AOM:

  • ONE Teaching Resources (syllabi, cases, multimedia, assignment ideas)

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Other Webinars in the Series

Additional webinars focused on teaching sustainability in other disciplines:

Mahdu Viswanathan, University of Illinois

His research programs are in two areas; measurement and research methodology, and literacy, poverty, and subsistence marketplace behaviors. He directs the Subsistence Marketplaces Initiative (www.business.illinois.edu/subsistence) and has created unique synergies between research, teaching, and social initiatives.

Teaching: Madhu has designed and taught courses at the intersection of subsistence and sustainability for undergraduate and graduate students. These courses challenge students to confront radically different contexts and envision a better world. He received an honorable mention in the 2011 Page Prize competition for Sustainability Issues in Business Curricula for his course, “From Subsistence Marketplaces to Sustainable Marketplaces? Using Subsistence Marketplaces as Disruptive Laboratories to Develop Curricular Innovations on Environmental Sustainability.

Kevin McMahon, University of Colorado

He is an instructor in the Center for Education on Social Responsibility. His professional experience includes accounting, brand management, international travel management and strategic marketing planning.

Teaching: Kevin teaches the sophomore "Introduction to Marketing Class"; a junior-level class, "Business Applications of Social Responsibility"; and a senior class, "Leadership Challenges: Exercises in Moral Courage." His approach is to make classes as interactive as possible and to use them as a laboratory where students can experiment proposing and defending various points of view.

Monica LaBarge, Queens University

Her research interests center around public policy issues in marketing and how marketing can positively affect consumer well-being; specifically, she has ongoing research projects in the areas of health promotion, charitable giving and non-profit marketing. Teaching: She teaches "Social & Ethical Issues in Marketing," with a focus on how marketing and business practices affect consumers and society.

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