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Business school sustainability centres can help shift universities toward sustainability. NBS resources support centres in taking action related to teaching, research, outreach, and co-creation.  

Join the Sustainability Centres Community (SCC), comprising of nearly 200 centres worldwide. Centre leaders share best practices and support one another through virtual collaboration and in-person events.  

Below you’ll find top resources, compilations [or outputs] from our workshops, and all centre resources in chronological order. Our tool bar also offers additional Resources for Academics.

Top Sustainability Centre Resources

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Starting a Business School Sustainability Centre

Maya Fischhoff, Abby Litchfield, Pam Laughland, Milda Žilinskaitė, Maria Diaz-Macias | September 25, 2023
Centres can improve business schools’ sustainability impact. Here’s how to get one off the ground.

Heather Ranson and Klaus Weber writing the priorities for running a centre on a whiteboard in a classroom

How to Run a Business School Sustainability Centre

Heather Ranson, Maya Fischhoff, Abby Litchfield | August 29, 2023
The 2023 Sustainability Centres Community Workshop examined the “nuts and bolts” of running a centre. Here are insights and resources.

What I Wish I Knew Before Launching a Sustainability Centre

Chelsea Hicks-Webster | December 23, 2016
Candid advice on launching a sustainability centre, from a global group of business school sustainability centre leaders.

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Sustainability Centres Webinar: Finding Centre Funding

NBS | June 7, 2016
Struggling to fund your research centre? This webinar brings together leaders to share top funding tips.

Sustainability Centre Workshop and Event Outputs

Sustainability Centres Community Workshop 2023

Sustainability Centres Community Workshop 2021

Sustainability Centres Community Workshop 2018

Sustainability Centres Community Workshop 2016

How to Engage Students in Sustainability: Event Series

All Sustainability Centres Community Resources

Tima Bansal looks back at the 2018 Sustainability Centres Workshop.

Few local cases are available for non-Western countries. Ten business schools are addressing this challenge through collaborative case writing.

Students run a socially responsible investment fund. They explain why the fund is a powerful learning tool and how they achieve 50% returns in ISR.

Fairleigh Dickinson University organizes case-based sustainability challenges, praised by high school students and teachers.

Learn how a university sustainability centre supported student efforts and transformed a region. Wilfrid Laurier University shares its experience.

The University of Arkansas’s Applied Sustainability Center bridged a political divide through energy policy workshops for state political candidates

Students learn about sustainability when exposed to topics incrementally, throughout their degree. University of Colorado staff describe the approach.

Working across sectors, the Institute for Energy and Sustainability uses a diverse communication toolbox to share knowledge and connect partners.

UMass Boston’s sustainability centre helped launch five clean energy and sustainability programs. Leaders describe the process and lessons learned.

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