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Sustainable Business Education

Business schools train tomorrow’s leaders and create rigorous research. They can advance sustainability by producing knowledge on pressing issues and by preparing students to work on society’s challenges. They can also partner with institutions across sectors to address issues directly.

Business schools are already beginning to make the sustainability shift. NBS Founder Tima Bansal says: “The business school community is awakening to the importance of sustainable development. As COVID-19, climate change and social movements affect companies, the relevance of sustainability to business school research and curricula becomes clearer.”

Educational institutions don’t change easily, but many stakeholders are committed. Students want to use their education to shape a better future. Faculty and staff want their work to have meaning and impact. And businesses need employees with new skills and perspectives, able to lead in a changing world.

NBS supports this shift to sustainable business education, with resources emphasizing different roles of a business school.

  • Teaching: Faculty need diverse and powerful approaches to teaching sustainability.
  • Research: We provide guidance on making sustainability research both rigorous and relevant.
  • Co-creation: Partnering with practitioners in research can produce unique insights. We provide models for the journey.
  • Outreach: Universities can engage with the broader community by sharing knowledge and partnering on projects.

Business school sustainability centres can play a central role. The NBS Sustainability Centres Community brings together more than 200 business school centres across the globe. Join the Community.

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The Latest of Sustainable Business Education

TOHU sets the standard for sustainability in a cultural arena. The platform has helped Montreal ascend as the international capital for circus arts.

How can firms advance sustainable business by incorporating long-term impacts into today’s decisions?

Short-term thinking can help your firm survive. But prospering into the future requires the transformational impact of long-term action.

Discover valuable insights from the 2014 NBS Sustainability Centres workshop, which brought together the directors of sustainability centres around the globe.

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The Basic Sustainable Business Education

How to Integrate the Sustainable Development Goals

Abby Litchfield | November 11, 2021
We can’t address Sustainable Development Goals without considering their social context. Energy and gender provide an example.

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