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Sustainable Innovation

Innovation is vital for a company’s survival and growth. Firms that don’t innovate fall behind their competitors and ultimately go out of business.

However, traditional forms of innovation may be harmful for employees or over-exploit natural resources. “Sustainable innovation” aims to address those unintended social and environmental impacts. It involves changing a company’s products, services or processes to produce long-term social and environmental benefits while creating economic profits for the firm.

That approach can produce real benefits for businesses. For example, research shows that companies that consider stakeholders produce more patents and also more impactful patents.

NBS can guide you on the sustainable innovation journey. We have a host of resources, from case studies and examples to step-by-step guides.

And, check out our partner organization, led by NBS Founder Tima Bansal: Innovation North.

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The Latest of Sustainable Innovation

Consumers will pay a 10% premium for sustainability, and demand a greater discount for "unsustainability," but they won't trade off functionality.

The Socially Responsible Purchase and Disposal (SRPD) scale measures how consumers make green purchases and finds that it hinges on making a difference.

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The Basics of Sustainable Innovation

Systems thinking sustainable city with bright lights

Systems Thinking – The New Approach for Sustainable and Profitable Businesses

Ju Young Lee | January 24, 2023
Traditional, linear business thinking won’t solve social and environmental issues. Executives need systems thinking.

What is Sustainable Innovation?

Ju Young Lee | October 19, 2021
By building sustainability into innovation, companies can create products, services, and processes that are good for both society and the organization.

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