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The circular economy offers potential, but metrics are still evolving. We identify core measures and remaining questions.


As climate change hits global supply chains, supply chain researchers aren’t providing the guidance needed. Leading scholars identify how that can change.


Carbon reporting isn’t a perfect system. But it can help you to lower climate-related financial risk, spur innovation and reduce emissions.


Every business can take action on environmental sustainability. Learn how to make your impact on the planet more positive.


Brands are increasingly held responsible for their suppliers’ social and environmental actions. Blockchain can create supply chain transparency.

Technology such as blockchain can make the mining industry more sustainable, but supplier engagement is still crucial. The cobalt supply chain provides lessons.

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Sustainable development requires social sustainability. Understand what it means and how your business can contribute.

Building sustainability into complex global supply chains is tough. In response, some firms are choosing to bring production in-house instead of outsourcing.

The future of food means thinking differently. When manufacturers change their mindset, they can prevent waste and save money. Here’s what 50 companies show.

Supply chain sustainability efforts are leaving out the procurement function. These efforts won’t succeed unless the procurement function becomes central.

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