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Business models that create shared value are emerging. Social enterprises are proving particularly exemplary in applying these models.

With about 150 certified B Corps across six countries, the continent is the fastest growing B Corp region outside of North America.

Insertech repairs and refurbishes IT equipment. It also employs and trains individuals who find it difficult to enter the job market.


The rise of certified Latin American B Corps is noteworthy. Sistema B wants to help southern B Corps achieve scale and impact.

With Lumni, investors participate in professional and academic advancement students. The goal is to reduce the student's risk while attracting investors.


Animaná connects those at the start of the value chain – artisans, weavers, small-scale farmers – to those at the end – designers, companies, consumers.

A Chilean retailer operates just like any other business. The difference is profits are devoted to social projects.


To understand B Corps, get to know B Lab. B Lab certifies companies and provides a platform for them to contribute to community and environment.

How can firms advance sustainable business by incorporating long-term impacts into today’s decisions?

Constant growth has become a dangerous meme. Dr. Sandra Waddock identifies diverse alternatives.

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