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New tools help students communicate better. Faculty and staff can use them as well.

Serious games provide a new way to learn about complex systems. MIT's David Keith describes how instructors can "drive the future."

Today's decision makers haven't done a great job addressing climate change. Business schools are trying to prepare the next generation of leaders. One innovative course builds negotiation skills relevant to decision-makers from any sector.

Bring sustainability into the business school mainstream by aligning with schools' existing practices: technical, political, and cultural.

These photos give a visual sense of the diversity, learning and positive energy that characterized the fourth biennial Sustainability Centres Workshop on June 25-27, 2018, at the Cornell Tech campus in New York City. Photographs are by Thomas Johnson.

Tima Bansal looks back at the 2018 Sustainability Centres Workshop.

Few local cases are available for non-Western countries. Ten business schools are addressing this challenge through collaborative case writing.

Students run a socially responsible investment fund. They explain why the fund is a powerful learning tool and how they achieve 50% returns in ISR.

Fairleigh Dickinson University organizes case-based sustainability challenges, praised by high school students and teachers.

Learn how a university sustainability centre supported student efforts and transformed a region. Wilfrid Laurier University shares its experience.

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