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Current approaches to business — and business sustainability — are not working. Companies need a business model focused not only on profits, but also on waste.

Businesses often seek to scale up, but COVID-19 has given us the opportunity to think about scaling down and deep.

You can do a state-of-the-art analysis efficiently and effectively. Focus on only some materials, and use available data.

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If organizations built sustainability into purchasing, they could transform markets. This podcast describes how to realize that potential.


We studied what makes systems thrive. Applying the answers we found can preserve life on earth and our future.

Business growth may be the problem, but attacking growth is not the solution.

It sounds simple — one business’s waste becomes another’s input. But the reality is challenging. Three case studies provide best practices.

Companies want to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Caroline Flammer’s work shows how corporate social responsibility (CSR) can help.

A $30 Billion Opportunity

In industrial symbiosis, firms exchange materials, energy, water, and waste – and the benefits are often financial and environmental.

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