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Winners of the 2023 ONE-SIM Outreach Award for sustainability research make the case for going deep as well as broad. Communities matter, not just clicks.


For researchers to offer practical advice for managers, we need to change the way we research. We suggest a new approach.


Researchers often think they need to remove abstraction when they translate research for managers. That’s not true.

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Two trailblazers in research impact joined 140 early career management scholars to discuss how academic research can help society.

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How does sustainability research get implemented by practitioners? New initiatives trace the journey.


Cocreation is an answer, say Tima Bansal and Garima Sharma. They discuss their research journey and their conclusions, now in press at AMJ.

You become part of the system you study, says Mark de Rond. Objectivity isn’t the goal; act as a human first, researcher second.


Our series shows how academics and practitioners can collaborate on research. Projects on SMEs and oil sands provide models for cocreation.

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When academics and practitioners work together on research, there’s no standard template to follow. Two innovative projects provide models.

Co-creating research with managers can increase public confidence in findings — but requires careful balance.

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