Tag: Collaborating beyond your organization

This paper examines how attitudes towards learning in the context of inter-organizational collaboration affect how partners interact. The findings suggest attitudes towards mutual learning are complex, varied and can influence the outcome of the collaboration.

Discover how good corporate citizenship and sustainable business practices attract and help retain top-notch talent for your firm.

Firms can benefit from considering their role in emissions trading early to stay ahead of regulation and competition.

Ethical consumers may reward companies by changing purchasing behaviour or paying a price premium. This report summarizes 30 years' research on ethical consumerism.

Researchers present a model to illustrate when and how consumers reward firms for positive sustainability actions.

The authors apply a stakeholder management lens to the recurring question: why do some firms have higher financial performance than others?

Community engagement can offer firms and communities vital benefits. This research identifies what we know about how to achieve them.

Truly effective community engagement involves complex decisions about who to work with (or through), how to engage, and what likely result to achieve.

This study investigates the processes underlying how business and nonprofit partnerships form. The authors identify the challenges faced by managers at each stage of partnership implementation. Based on their findings, they propose a partnership test that managers can use to evaluate the implementation effectiveness of a partnership.

This paper highlights how managers form effective partnerships between business, government and non-profits to address social issues. Successful partnerships create a shared vision by focusing on common interests.

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