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Social procurement is when companies buy from suppliers that create positive impact on society. One company’s story shows how to start doing social procurement.

To reduce your supply chain carbon emissions, partner with your Transportation and Logistics providers. Their broad lens can reveal opportunities.

Traditional, linear business thinking won’t solve social and environmental issues. Executives need systems thinking.

Refugees are an overlooked talent pool. Working with a non-profit organization can smooth the hiring process.

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The circular economy offers potential, but metrics are still evolving. We identify core measures and remaining questions.


As climate change hits global supply chains, supply chain researchers aren’t providing the guidance needed. Leading scholars identify how that can change.

Conscious consumerism can mean more sustainable impact. But it’s a goal companies and consumers need to achieve together.


To address climate change, we need to measure carbon emissions accurately and hold companies accountable for emissions commitments.

In unstable environments, businesses increase conflict — unless they commit to inclusive development. Learn more.

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